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Nevada Merriman, Menlo Park Housing Commissioner 11/5/22:

Menlo Park Measure V centers public policy on homeowners — Vote No

Chris DeCardy, Menlo Park Planning Commissioner 10/28/22:

Measure V is a sledgehammer when a scalpel is needed

Jenny Varghese Bloom, Ravenswood City School Board Trustee 10/28/22:

Vote No on Measure V to walk back decades of segregation

John Pimentel, Menlo Park Housing Commissioner 10/28/22:

Why I Voted No on Measure V

The Almanac 10/28/22:

Your questions on Measure V answered

KQED 10/20/22:

From Menlo Park to Laguna Beach, Residents Turn to Ballot Box to Fight New California Housing Mandates

Emily, a local resident and No voter 10/16/22:

Why I’m Voting No on Measure V

The Almanac 10/14/22:

Editorial: Vote No on Menlo Park's Measure V

The Almanac 10/14/22:

Read here The Almanac's fact-check of the Measure V debate

The Almanac 9/9/22:

Menlo Park school board declines to oppose city's Measure V ballot measure

PA Daily Post 8/21/22:

Menlo Balance ballot measure may delay remodeling of fire station

PA Daily Post 8/13/22:

Ravenswood School Board votes to oppose anti-apartment Menlo Balance ballot measure — ‘Just disgraceful’

The Almanac 8/4/22:

Menlo Park sends off its housing element to the state

The Almanac 8/3/22:

Ravenswood school district staff make their case for workforce housing

The Almanac 8/2/22:

Menlo Park Neighbors for Affordable Housing launches campaign to fight fall ballot initiative

The Almanac 7/28/22:

Menlo Balance initiative sparks fervent debate among residents

The Almanac 7/14/22:

New reports on Flood school apartments show need for staff housing

InMenlo 7/5/22:

Viewpoint: It’s time to reach a reasonable solution on the Flood School site

The Almanac 6/30/22:

Menlo Balance initiative faces council scrutiny, resident complaints

The Almanac 6/17/22:

Menlo Park City Council fine-tunes where to put future housing growth

The Almanac 5/27/22:

Menlo Park ballot initiative seeks to put single-family rezoning to a vote

SF Chronicle 5/21/22:

Silicon Valley city wants to build affordable housing at ‘the least likely place’: the street where VCs made billions

InMenlo 5/19/22:

Menlo Balance initiative fears not based on reality

The Almanac 5/19/22:

Menlo Park's housing plan outlines ambitious push for more affordable housing

The Almanac 5/5/22:

Ravenswood district's plans for 90-unit apartment building faces pushback

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